The Capital of Dominica, Roseau

The capital of this breathtakingly beautiful country is called Roseau. The city was christened by the French in the mid 17th century and was named for the river reeds (rozeaux) which grew along the river’s bank. It is a small and compact coastal city, located in the parish of St. George. It functions both as a residential and a commercial space. The city is a jumble of quaint wooden houses from the Victorian era tucked amongst the modern concrete and glass multi-storied structures. The city streets are in good condition and set out (historically) with systematic disorder. Most countries passport holders can travel to Dominica visa free in return Dominica citizens can also travel without visa to many countries, thanks for Dominica citizenship program. The streets are well illuminated at night and the city is an extremely safe one.

Dominica in 2019 has a modern citizenship through investment program and if you are looking to obtain Dominica passport, we recommend that you consider real estate investment option and more information you can find and answers to frequently asked question you may find in FAQ here. The city is framed by two natural physical elements which lend to its exquisiteness; the Caribbean Sea to its west and the Roseau River to its north. The urban and suburban communities of Goodwill, Newtown, and Emshall/Bath Estate are situated to its north, south and west respectively. The local arm of government that tends to the affairs of Roseau is the Roseau City Council.

The entire area of Roseau has an estimated population of about 14,000. The city was more popular as a residential zone prior to the 80’s, but due to urban sprawling, fewer people live in Roseau electing instead to live in the more recently developed areas. As they move out, the town’s dwellings are converted into shops and offices. The area is being developed functionally as the primary commercial district and as a major tourist attraction for its historical, architectural and social appeal. The city is abundant with 18th century architecture, an asset whose preservation is monitored by the Society for Historic Architecture, Preservation & Enhancement (SHAPE). SHAPE is a non-profit organization whose objective is to raise public awareness and appreciation of Dominica’s Architectural heritage.

Roseau is the hub of government, commerce, health services, education, communications and information for all of Dominica. Although over-centralized, much of the city’s commercial activity takes place between the hours of 8a.m. and 4p.m., otherwise it is used as a commuter point for employees and for recreational purposes. Most bus depots are located in the capital, around which there is always a host of ancillary services, such as food vendors, bakery depots, arcades and small shopping centers. The areas’ main shopping centers and supermarkets are centrally located in Roseau. The two largest hotels, the Garraway Hotel and the Fort Young Hotel are located on the Bay Front (Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard) in Roseau. The Bay Front is a boulevard beautifully decorated with a fountain, and Almond and Flamboyant Trees. During the day it is used primarily for parking, but in the evenings, it is the promenade and a local hang out. A few bars, restaurants and coffee houses are located on and near the Bay Front and it is a popular area with locals and visitors.

The Roseau Ferry Terminal and the Roseau Cruise Ship are both strategically located along the bay front. The passengers emerge directly onto the boulevard and within minutes are in the heart of Roseau. During the winter (tourist) season sidewalks are occupied by street vendors selling a prolific array of goods and services.

The Botanical Gardens is one of the most beautiful gardens in the West Indies. Dominica is the only country in the region which has a botanical garden as large or as extensive in content in its capital. This 40 acre semi-open space is an extensive garden, with a bird sanctuary and aviary, well maintained cricket grounds. It is designed to be retreat whereby locals can appreciate and enjoy nature. It is used for picnics, relaxing, sport, exercising, and walks. It is a popular hangout for city workers during lunch intervals.

The new Windsor Park Stadium is built on the site of the old Roseau health center and Roseau Boys School. This ultra modern stadium, like the Botanical gardens, is the only one of its kind found in the heart of a country’s capital. The stadium is used for primarily for hosting local and regional and international cricket events, but is also used as a public place for parades, independence celebrations and other major events. The country’s main police station, its High Courts, Registry are all in Roseau. Anyone conducting business in Dominica would have to make a pay a call to this genuinely unique capital.

The small capital contains several primary and secondary schools, the University of The West Indies (center for Continuing Studies). There are many daycare and preschool facilities all across the capital. Of major historical value is the Roman Catholic Church built in the late 1700s.

There are many restaurants and bars scattered all across the city. From upscale to rum-shops, there’s a place for one and all. To truly experience the life and energy of Roseau and Dominicans, a short excursion on foot will reveal much about its people, their lifestyle, the customs, the culture, and their practices.


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